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10 Easy Ways to Have a Green Christmas

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Less is more. Between cooking, travelling, and present giving, Christmas can get overwhelming. We’re so busy that we tend to forget that the things we look back on most fondly on are the good times with family and friends. So, take a deep breath, smile, put down that extra set of lights you were going to buy and give out all the love you can!

Wrap your presents in a pillowcase (or fabric). Sound ugly? Au contraire! Add a ribbon, don’t use the pillow case off your bed and you’re all set. For more ideas on how to gift wrap with fabric, check out this article

Have a Secret Santa, White Christmas or Yankee Swap. Not only is a Yankee Swap a hoot to play with your family, it makes Christmas more about the experience than scoring lots of loot.

  1. Each person who wishes to participate contributes a wrapped gift, with a predetermined price tag.
  2. With everyone in a circle, randomly choose who will go first. That person then chooses one gift from the pile and opens it.
  3. The next person then has the option of choosing an unopened gift or “stealing” the gift from the first person. If the gift is stolen, the first person then chooses again.
  4. This continues through participants until the last gift is opened.
  5. But the kicker: A gift cannot be stolen more than three times; the third person to steal keeps the gift!

If you’ve looking for a gift for someone who cares about animals or the environment, symbolically adopting an animal or donating to a charity can be a very meaningful gift. If they happen to like polar bears we may know a few…

Decorate with nature. Instead of buying plastic decorations that will eventually go in a landfill, head outside with family or friends and collect wood, pine boughs, pine cones, or branches. Check out these awesome DIY ideas for details! 

There’s no better time to get your fancy on than the holiday season! So skip the disposables and bring out the fine china, real utensils and cloth napkins. Just make sure that the cook doesn’t do the dishes.

Holiday parties mean endless pesky eggnog spills. This year, try making your own DIY cleaning products. Not only do they work amazingly well (PBH employee tried and tested) it’s cheaper than buying ready-made ones! Who doesn’t like saving more than just the planet?

Recycle. Simple and effective.

Add a few more veggie dishes to your holiday meal. Better yet, buy the chefs in your family veggie-focused cookbooks. Not only will this help your heart, it helps reduce our carbon footprint and save precious resources like fossil fuels and fresh water. 

Encourage handmade gifts this year.

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