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Looking Forward with Our Store

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Soft plush bears

The store we have here at the Habitat is full of tons of unique and affordable products, we have something for everyone that comes through our doors and we are always expanding our offerings. However, our online store hasn’t been kept up to par with our physical store, not to mention all of the other online store options our customers have. In this day in age having a strong online presence is essential to the life of your business. Realizing this we will be implementing a new Point of Sale (POS) system that will allow us to keep track of what happens in both stores with ease. We will be able to run both options on a single inventory system allowing us to better serve our customers and their needs. We will also be adding very many new items to the online store once the system is in place. We have many loyal followers and bear lovers who simply live too far to come shop in the store, once we have this system in place they will be granted access to the same items as everyone else. Overall, we feel this new system is much needed and will help both our own and our customers experience with our store.

During this major switch, we will also be bringing in many new products. This isn’t new for us as we are usually bringing in new things as older products sell out. We like to keep our store fresh with new items that fill different needs like a Polar Bear Habitat water bottle for camping or even just at your desk or a plush polar bear for your child to cuddle with on the way home from a busy day at the habitat. We will also be giving exclusive offers to our most loyal followers to thank them for their help and support over the years. All the new products will be proudly displayed on our website as well so keep an eye out for updates!

Glasses polar bear

As our frequent shoppers know, we often have new Bear Art coming in and being put on the online store. We have run into problems in the past of Bear Art being sold and not being taken off the store but this will all be coming to an end soon with all the improvements we have planned. We can increase the frequency at which our art becomes available and have it in your hands faster as well. All of these changes will contribute to our main goal of building our online presence so we can better serve our customers and in turn provide the best possible environment for our bears. All money raised from all sources is put towards our bears in one way or another and improving our store will only help further our ability to provide for them. We are always thankful for any support you can provide and we hope to see you during a visit to the habitat soon!

Written By: Jeremy Kelso

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