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The Bear Store

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With the end of 2017 approaching soon, we are winding down for the year with our annual Christmas sale. Everything in the store, excluding artwork is on sale for 2% off all the way up to 90% off. It’s all up to you. Just pick the discount out of the draw box, and apply the discount to your entire purchase in the gift store.

Artwork will be a big part of our showroom in the new year, with a heavy focus on original artwork from our inhouse artists. Henry, Ganuk, and Inukshuk. In the last week we received a shipment of Henry’s masterpieces, framed, numbered with certificates of authenticity. These one of a kind paintings were created on October 20th, 2017, in a stunning red and green pallet. The new year will also bring new paintings whenever the weather inspires our bears.

The coming year will bring a variety of new items to the gift shop. A theme geared towards our own bears will highlight the spring collection. Sweatshirts, tee shirts, and stuffed animals will be available with Henry, Ganuk, and Inukshuk’s style in mind. A range of high end sculptures all the way to bumper stickers and knickknacks will be available. We will also be offering a selection of summer supplies for our swimmers, such as suntan lotion, towels, and hats.

Come in and check everything out in the new year.

Written by: Paul Buhay

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