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Fort Albany Polar Bear Workshop Adventure

Part of the Polar Bear Habitat’s mandate is to help create a sustainable future for polar bears and we don’t take that statement lightly.  We’re committed to initiating programming and…

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Communication In The North

Unlike their cousins around the world, Polar bears are relatively non-verbal communicators. Given that polar bears are mostly solitary creatures and their home ranges are so large, verbal communication may…

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10 Easy Ways to Have a Green Christmas

Less is more. Between cooking, travelling, and present giving, Christmas can get overwhelming. We’re so busy that we tend to forget that the things we look back on most fondly…

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Churchill Polar Bear Adventure

To polar bear people, Churchill is the holy grail.  Not only is it the “polar bear capital” of the world, its reputation for being a little like the Wild West…

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Ganuk & Henry: Five Months On

It has been roughly five months since the introduction of Ganuk and Henry. We are pleased to say that their relationship is going strong and both bears are showing positive…

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First Day in the Lake

The bears were looking at us from across the enclosure, most likely wondering what this big group of people with their cameras were doing standing in a seemingly uninteresting corner…

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