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Climate Change

What is climate change? Climate change is a change in the typical or average weather of a region or city. For example, this could be a change in a region’s…

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Seasonal Changes in Our Bears

As you may have read from Day 1 of Polar Bear Week, our bears are lucky to live in a sub-arctic region, meaning they go through seasonal changes similar to…

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The Wild Bears; What are they up to?

After spending the summer resting on the coast lines of James Bay and Hudson Bay, the polar bears are feeling a change. The days are beginning to get shorter, snow…

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Introducing Inukshuk to the Boys

Ganuk has been with us since 2012, and as soon as Henry arrived in 2015 we started the process of introducing the two. This consisted of moving the bears closer…

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Polar bear being fed

When Are The Bears Being Fed

One of the most common questions that our animal care staff receive is ‘When are the bears being fed?’. The short answer is: multiple times a day, never scheduled and…

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The Problem With HFC’s

As you know, we like to have fun here at The Polar Bear Habitat, but sometimes we need to get serious. July 15th was Arctic Sea Ice day and we…

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Soft plush bears

Looking Forward with Our Store

The store we have here at the Habitat is full of tons of unique and affordable products, we have something for everyone that comes through our doors and we are…

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