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Enriching the Lives of Captive Polar Bears

“The primary goals of an enrichment program are to provide a stimulating environment that allows animals to make choices, giving them some level of control over their environment.” – Steve…

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Ganuk has a New Polar Bear Pal!

The Polar Bear Habitat has been busy welcoming our newest resident, Henry! While Ganuk is the star of the show and the pride and joy of Cochrane, Henry’s arrival is…

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Adapting to the Great White North

I am not the only newest resident to Cochrane this year. Henry, a 2 year old captive born polar bear, has moved to the Habitat from Queensland, Australia. Polar bears,…

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Going to the Ice

Summer is ending, the weather is cooling and Ganuk is slowly becoming more active now. Winter is polar bear prime time but when do the bears actually go back onto…

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Where is the bear?

Some big changes are coming to the Polar Bear Habitat, which means we can expect to see some changes in our polar bear Ganuk’s behavior too. Recently the Habitat has…

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The Inuit Legend of Nanuk

When polar bears walk, their back paws end up where their front paws had just been, making it look like they are walking on just two feet, like humans.  Fittingly,…

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Happy 5th Birthday Ganuk!

Ganuk was born on November 30th, 2009 at the Zoo Sauvage in St-Félicien Quebec. He lived there with his mom, named Aisaqvak, who raised him and his sister Taiga until…

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