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How Our Polar Bears Keep Their Cool

When people think about polar bears, they usually visualize a great big white bear surrounded by ice and snow. However, for anyone who visits a captive polar bear, chances are…

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Summer Diet

For anyone who happens to be visiting the Cochrane Polar Bear Habitat this summer, don’t be surprised if you see either of our two resident bears, Ganuk and Inuskshuk, enjoying…

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Happy Birthday, Aaron!

It’s been a very busy summer so far here at the Habitat for with all the visitors coming through, keeping him as happy and enriched as possible. One special event…

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Thank You Ethan

Written by Mireille Caron I would like to refresh everyone’s memory about a young man that came to visit us last September, Ethan Harrison. Ethan came to visit us accompanied…

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High School Student Volunteer

Written by Mireille Caron This week I’d like to take the opportunity to give a BIG thank you to our student volunteer Kerrin Genier who has been coming every Sunday…

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inuk 4 1


With Inukshuk leaving in just a few short days, I thought I’d take the time to look back on his stay here at the Habitat over the last few months.…

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inuk box

The Great Box Wall Of PBH

Hey guys, I’ve, managed to find some time to quickly let you guys know what we did today! Today we decided that we were going to reuse some of the…

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Ganuk The Little Artist

If one day you come to visit the Habitat and you happen to see a multi colored polar bear walking around outside, please don’t be alarmed. It is probably Ganuk…

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