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   Scientists agree – the biggest threat to polar bears is climate change. In Cochrane, Ontario, we are just hours away from the James Bay Coast where Ontario’s sub-population of polar bears are experiencing much longer ice-free periods than ever before.  As we may be called upon to help move or rescue a polar bear, educating people on and promoting environmental stewardship isn’t just a public relations campaign to us – it’s a call to action. But education and promotion isn’t all we do. See below for more of our conservation efforts.
  • Climate Change Education

       The Habitat offers talks, seminars and educational courses on climate change and how it affects polar bears, both at and beyond our facility in Cochrane. We also take part in and promote events such as International Polar Bear Day and the Thermostat Challenge, Save Our Sea Ice Day and Earth Day. For more information on our educational programs, go to Education.

  • Polar Bear/Human Interaction Strategy

       Recently a polar bear ventured into Moose Factory, an area in the very southern part of James Bay that hasn’t seen polar bears in many years. Together with partners the Ministry of Natural Resources, Nishnawbi Aski Police, Moose Cree, MoCreebec and the OPP, the Habitat is driving a polar bear/human interaction strategy to help keep communities safe, while improving options for polar bears.

  • Polar Bear Rescues/Relocations

       Threats to polar bears through climate change or human interactions mean that a relocation of a problem bear or a rescue of an orphaned bear may be needed in the future. While the likelihood of this happening is rare, the Polar Bear Habitat has the tools and an action plan in place to organize this mission. This is possible through the generous gift of a corporate donor and the care of our community.