Education Committee

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   What’s the difference between learning in a classroom and taking one of our courses? Polar bears of course! Our Education Committee ensures our programs are relevant, hands-on and delivered in a way to motivate students to become ambassadors of polar bears and take action on climate change.

Our Education Committee:

Dylan McCart – Conservation Coordinator, Cochrane Polar Bear Habitat. Dylan is responsible for developing and supervising our education programs.

Renelle Belisle – Councillor, Town of Cochrane

Scott Tracey – Teacher, Aileen Wright Catholic School

Valerie Dumoulin – Valerie Dumoulin is the current Vice-Principal at Cochrane Public School.  Valerie has been involved in Education for over 20 years, teaching in a variety of roles and locations.    She is also a proud member of the Taykwa Tagamou First Nation.

Kim Rozon – GIS education specialist with CreeGeo Education. Kim is currently working on completing a Climate Change Education program with PBH as well.