Going Live with The Cochrane Polar Bear Habitat

This past year has been jam packed with new experiences for our staff, our bears, and our fans. From Harvest Fest to getting bears on the frozen lake and everything in between. It has been a learning experience for sure.

One of my favourite experiences we now offer is the Facebook Live feeds. If you don’t follow us on Facebook feel free to head over and do that now. With this you will be able to see all of our updates including when we go live! If you aren’t aware of what going live is, let me explain. We have cameras in our bear enclosures that allow you to see our bears from the comfort of your own home. The only problem with this is that it’s never really possible to tell when something exciting is going to be happening on the cameras. Well, with Facebook live, we can now bring the action to you even faster. If we see someone being ever so cute on our cams we can quickly set up a live stream and broadcast it straight to your Facebook feed where you are free to comment on what you see and share it with your friends.

It may seem like an easy process to start a live stream from your phone, click a couple buttons and you’re good. When you are doing it from a PC however, it’s a different story. There are a few steps in the initial set-up and even more whenever you want to go live. To set everything up you have to:

  • Download OBS (Open Broadcast Software)
  • Connect and resize your feeds
  • Set up transitions
  • Connect it to Facebook

Once it’s all set-up to your preferences you can set up a live feed on Facebook. To do this you must simply insert the new stream key every time you want to go live followed by putting in a title and description and from there everything runs off OBS. Once you get used to it it’s quite simple. Now that we have the ability to operate these live streams we have many new avenues to explore in terms of reaching more people who want to help us pursue our goals. If you want to learn more or would like to be involved in a live stream by means of advertising feel free to reach out to marketing@polarbearhabitat.ca.

Going Live with The Cochrane Polar Bear Habitat