Tackling Climate Change at Home Like a Polar Bear

The greenhouse gases produced by the burning of fossil fuels is creating a large blanket around the earth. As more fossil fuels are burned, this blanket thickens, and less heat can escape causing our planet to gradually warm up. Reducing the rate of climate change which causes rapid sea ice loss is the only way to save polar bears. Polar bears are wonders of efficiency, so we challenge you this week to take the time to think about ways, similarly to Ganuk, Henry and Inukshuk, you could help to reduce climate change, and even save yourself some money.

1.  When we give Inukshuk a pumpkin, he often eats the whole thing – rind and all – and doesn’t waste anything. We challenge you to be more like Inukshuk and cut down on the waste produced in your home. Take your old clothes to the Salvation Army, avoid products with excessive amounts of packaging and make sure that packaging is recyclable!

2.  There’s nothing Ganuk likes better than a midday nap, so sometimes we have to hit the lights! Take the time to turn off the lights in your home. Doing this can help reduce emissions and save money!

3.  Get that new year’s resolution going early and start jogging to work! Taking alternate forms of transportation, like cycling and walking, can not only help climate change and save you money, but help your physical and mental health!

4.  Pass up the meat tonight and eat some nutritious vegetables! Many green house gas emissions come from the dairy and meat industry, do your part at home by depending less on these products.

5.  When you’re a polar bear, there’s nothing better than a roll in the cold snow to clean off. Conserve energy at home by shortening hot showers and washing your clothes in cold water.

6.  Want to take it another step? Hang that dryer up to dry! Drying your clothes on a line or drying rack is a much more energy efficient and cost-effective solution to drying clothes.

7.  Throw on that ugly Christmas sweater early and turn down that thermostat. Help climate change and save money to buy matching sweaters for the whole family!

Tackling Climate Change at Home Like a Polar Bear