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Patron Agreement

As the Polar Bear Habitat is a sanctuary, we do expect our patrons to respect our bears and the nature of our facility during their visit.
Therefore, we’ve established the following policies and regulations to ensure our bears have as stress free an environment as possible.
No pets of any kind are allowed inside the facility. For your convenience we have provided lockable kennels for your dogs just outside our front door. If your dog has kennel issues, ask us if we have available staff and an area to look after your dog for you while on site.

Service animals are not permitted past the Welcome Center. If a polar bear reacts badly to a barking dog, it isn’t just for an afternoon or a day … but can trigger behaviours that last weeks. We would be happy to look after your dog and escort you while you are on our premises. Please contact us in advance so we may prepare accordingly with appropriate staff, and inform you whether our escort is trained to accommodate your special needs.

Please refrain from bringing any remote-controlled devices such as RC Cars, Drones, RC Helicopters, or anything else that may fall into this category.
Balloons and plastics can be blown in to bear enclosures and are also a potential hazard for our large quantity of ravens, crows, fox, grouse, beaver, otters and other indigenous wildlife. Please do not bring straws or plastic bags and ensure all garbage is properly disposed of.

We also ask that all patrons refrain from running, taunting, or teasing the bears at any time.
By visiting our facility, we trust you agree with ensuring our bears have the best environment possible.

Thank you for helping us in our quest to provide our polar bears with the highest standard of care.