What We Do

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   It’s all about the bears. The Polar Bear Habitat provides polar bears who are orphaned, rescued or moved from other facilities sanctuary and a habitat as close to their natural environment as possible.
  • We Learn

       Since we only have polar bears, our Keepers can dedicate all of their time to learning how polar bears communicate, about their nutritional needs, physiology, reproduction and behaviours.

  • We Research

       We team up with some of the most cutting edge researchers, scientists, behaviourists, nutritionists, reproductive physiologists and biologists in the world.

  • We Share

       We believe sharing lessons learned is the only way to improve the standard of care of and create a sustainable future for the polar bear species. That is why we offer a variety of educational classes in and outside schools as well as share our facility improvements and/or bear care with other institutions.

  • We Help

       The Polar Bear Habitat’s location in Northern Ontario affords us better access to communities on the Southern Coast of James Bay where recent studies have shown a marked decline in polar bear body condition. With the help of some very dedicated partners, we are committed to finding solutions to keep both communities and polar bears safe.